Charlie Bewley Brings Attention and Support to Red Cross Efforts in Central Texas Wildfires

As you may have heard, central Texas has recently been under siege by many horrific wildfires in the last couple of weeks. Right now, in the Bastrop area, thousands of people have lost their homes and over 35,000 acres continue to burn. Well what does any of that have to do with Twilight? Our very own Charlie Bewley, better known to those on twitter as @alchemission, has been down in Bastrop at the local Home Depot, helping the Red Cross out. Charlie has been streaming the Red Cross efforts live over twitter, and sharingwith people what they can do to help.

You can also follow Charlie’s livestream on twitter here, you can follow Charlie Bewley on twitterhere, and follow the Central Texas Red Cross here.

Kudos to you Charlie, this area needs all the love and support it can get. You can find out how to donate to the Red Cross on their official page here.



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