‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ Teaser: 5 Things That Have Us Psyched

This morning‘s “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2”teaser trailer reveal had us all mouthing “OME” (for those not familiar with the parlance, that’s “Twilight” talk for OMG). Bella’s a vampire! Renesmee is … Renesmee! The Volturi are coming!

It’s a lot to take in, but these five elements of the new teaser trailer really left us paging through the calendar to figure out how many days remain ’til Nov. 16 (Answer: 148).

1. Bella Warrior: At the tail end of the teaser as she’s lined up with her family and new friends, Bella (Kristen Stewart), watches as the immense Volturi guard descends upon the Forks clearing with a mean mug so fierce even we were shivering in our boots a little. Bella as a badass warrior vampire, finally? We’ve been waiting for that for four years now.

2. New Vampires: Incoming! There are about two dozen new vampires tacking onto the “Twilight” cast list for “Part 2,” and the teaser trailer gave some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpses at just about every blimey one of ’em. Some of the more enthralling new vamp flashes include Joe Anderson as the secluded and scruffy wanderer vamp Alistair, Lee Pace as the nomadic hottie Garrett and Judi Shekoni as the über-talented wild one from the Amazon, Zafrina. As Taylor Lautner‘s Jacob Black puts it, “Lotta red eyes around here.” Just the way we like it. More, more, more!

Michael Sheen in "The Twilight Saga: New Moon"


3. The Return of Aro: Once Michael Sheen traded in his wolfy “Underworld” garbs for the graduation gownsVolturi capes in “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” we were hooked. He’s now a staple of our “Twilight” experience. We missed him in “Eclipse” and sure wished there was more of him in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” but the new teaser more than makes up for all the Aro we’ve been missing. “Oh my,” he says, as only Michael Sheen can. Gotta love his campy evilness.

4. Volturi Recruiting Squad: Speaking of red eyes, the teaser bolstered our suspicions that lots of the Volturi will be shown in “Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” including their little guard team recruitment sessions from across the pond, which were not in the book. Charlie Bewley’s tracker vamp Demetri sure does give it to the poor chap played by Masami Kosaka, so we’re assuming he must’ve turned down the offer to join the nefarious gaggle of ruler vamps … Not wise on his part but all the more delicious entertainment for us. Vicious new Volturi escapades? Check!

5. Powers That Be: We really weren’t expecting to see any of the new vampire powers that come into play for “Part 2” until way later in the game, but alas! There was a sneak peek at one of the most visually exciting vampy talents of all: Benjamin’s (Rami Malek) element manipulation skills! Benji wields a tub of water like “The Last Airbender” only wishes, while his girl Tia (Angela Sarafyan) proudly watches with her “Uh huh, that’s my mate” expression on full blast. And there are still tons of more exciting powers to be seen: Zafrina’s vision trick, Renesmee’s communication method, Alec’s numbing ploy (UPDATE: As one of our eagle-eye readers pointed out, there does appear to be some misty stuff coming out of Alec’s hands in one shot, so it must be a sneak at his power), Kate’s shocking touch … We could go on. Seeing a glimpse of Benjamin’s action just reminded us of all the fun gems left to come from that arena.

What part(s) of the “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” teaser got you all worked up? You can re-watch it below and then sound off in the comments!






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